Extracting DSM-CC data and object carousel content with TS File Demux

TS File Demux now includes a feature to extract DSM-CC data and object carousel content. This feature is meant to be a lighter alternative to a similar feature in DVBSTreamExplorer which might be overkill in some situations. If you need decoding of DSM-CC sections and BIOP messages, DVBStreamExplorer is the still way to go.

Below is a screenshot of a TS file that contains  DSM-CC data.
TS File Demux main window
The DSM-CC filters have been added automatically after applying ‘Add all’. Streams of type 0x0b, ISO/IEC 13818-6 type B, are considered as DSM-CC carousel streams. You can add DSM-CC filter for arbitrary PID if it wasn’t recognized as DSM-CC carousel and you believe that it is.
Below is screenshot of some extracted object carousel files. The files are part of a MHP application.
Extracted files
The files can now be studied offline.
Follow this link to download TS File Demux here.